Your mother was right!  First impressions are everything. Right or wrong, the quality of your images greatly influences a customer’s perception of your product or service.
You may produce the world’s best “widgets”, but if you market them using low quality photographs the world will assume your products are of low quality as well.  Don’t make that mistake.

Uniquely Specialized Services!

Big Sun Photography has been in business since 2009.  With a combined photography experience of over 30 years between its two photographers, it fills a very under-served segment of the local business market.

Yes, Denver has photographers on every corner, but very few serve the needs of commercial business – specifically product photography.

Quality product photography requires a very different set of skills, equipment, experience and creativity than other genre of photography.  You would not hire a portrait photographer to do commercial product work and vice versa as their primary skill sets do not overlap.

What makes us different?

We can handle projects of all sizes from just a few marketing photos to full catalogs with thousands of images.

  • Direct communication with your photographer.
  • Ship your products / or drop them off in person.
  • In-Studio & On-Location Services.
  • No set hours.  We are available day/night/weekends too.
  • Specialized equipment.
  • In house post production.
  • No outsourced work.
Tewksbury Professional Photographer

Gene Tewksbury

Owner and Lead Photographer

Wk Phone: 303-880-0048

Gene brings a strong skill set in commercial product photography.  Prior to his career in photography he worked with businesses to enhance their marketing strategies.  He uses this background to help educate his clients on the best way to present their products.


Product Photography

In Studio / On Location

  • Amazon / Ebay Images
  • Creative Print Advertising
  • On Location Shoots
  • In Studio Shoots
  • Macro Images
  • 360 Images
Commercial Product Photography - demos_-19

Post Production

If you can think it, we can make it.

  • Touch-Up Work
  • Product Enhancement
  • Digital Cleaning
  • Complex Compositing
  • Creative Enhancements
  • Digital Backgrounds
Christopher McDonald
Business Owner

Gene really paid attention to detail and created some awesome photographs for me.

Brooke Salazar

My experience has been absolutely phenomenal. Gene and Lou were wonderful to work with, great communication in regards to what I was looking for, and the quality is wonderful. I am very pleased with my experience and will be going back for future projects. I will recommend Big Sun Photography to everyone I know.

Jenny Grey
Jewelry Artist

I hired Big Sun to do some photography for my custom jewelry line.  I had tried to do it myself,, that was a mistake.  Then I tried hiring a photographer who claimed he knew how to do product photography work even though his portfolio only had a couple images of that type.  That also was a mistake.  However, Gene was able to knock out the images I needed in only a couple days and they looked stunning!   Very happy.  I will be back.

Joy Mitchner
Ebay Seller

Really nice job!   I had a bunch of consumer goods that I needed photographed for my Ebay auctions.  From stereos to shoes to kitchen ware.  I sell a lot of stuff.  Big Sun did a great job and did it quickly.  Best of all I was able to call my photographer Gene anytime to discuss new ideas and make changes.  Had I used some “bulk photo studio” online I would have been out of luck and out of money with the products I needed changed.  Thanks Gene.

Mark Hammond

I had over 50 custom made pieces of arts and crafts type work I needed shot.  I mostly make Christmas ornaments which are very difficult to shoot what with all the shiny reflective materials and sparkles and such.  Big Sun Made them look amazing and they sold much better than usual which I attribute directly to the high quality images I received.

Cathy Harper
Marketing Specialist

Our company makes sexy playful tops and bottoms for overweight women.   Big Sun Photography was not only able to take wonderful photographs of our fashion clothing line but they took care of everything from finding and hiring the models to getting the location permissions for the shoot.  I was able to be on location for the shoot which was very helpful as I could make decisions about styling and outfit options based on the actual models for each shot.  It really worked out well and based on the inquiries I made to other professional photographers in the Denver area, the price was very competitive.

Kevin Abbot
Head Chef

Hey Gene,,,  Thank you so much for doing our photo shoot at the restaurant.  The photos you took of our food look dead on.  And I love the fact that you were versatile enough to take great portrait shots of me with the food as well.  Most food photographers I think would not have been able to pull that off.  See ya soon.

Tim Williams

Your photos of orchids for our nursery promotional materials are more than I could have hoped for.  I was expecting a little flower in the middle of a big picture, but your macro work is stunning!  I even used one of the photos for a large wall print in my office.  It’s “fine art” not just marketing photos.

Shannon OReilly
Sales Support Manager

“These images look great!”
– PharmaJet medical equipment / devices.

Jenny M. Vincent
Owner / Skin Specialist

Organic, natural and healthy.  These are words most often associated with spa and beauty products and you really presented our products in that same way.

When it comes to selling products like ours online you need to make sure the customer “SEEs” organic, natural and healthy in your photos.  The props and layouts you created looked dynamite,, I particularly liked use of the flower petals and dripping honey for our skin cream.

Steve Warren

We at Denver Medical Hospital would like to thank you for the professional work  you did photographing our water treatment system.  You managed to get everything lite properly and remove all distortion despite the small and dim room cellar area you had to shoot in.  Thank you again.

Megan Duffield
Marketing Director

All of the coins and bullion look fantastic! All of the photos are approved. Eager to get them up on our site! 🙂

Nichole G.

It took me a long time to find someone who could do work like this.  My Artwork reproduction is so difficult due to the very small size (I create tiny hand carved artwork that fits inside pocket watches).  Big Sun Photography was able to shoot these tiny 3D artworks inside the watches with such perfection that I am able to sell the artwork as prints on Etsy now.  Really impressed with the results.

  • Salazar Vases
  • Happy Hydro
  • Logical Extraction
  • Collimare
  • Heritage House 76
  • Shower Curtsy
  • Higgin & Peak Fine Knives
  • RW Watches
  • Medicine Werx
  • Soft Skin Company
  • Daddy Go Bags
  • AmagiMetals
  • U.S. Foods
  • Vitrazza
  • American Supplements Lab
  • Wine Master Cellars
  • Aurora Product Development
  • Coolerado
  • Life Code
  • Denver Diva
  • Fredericks Design Inc.
  • Pioneer H2O
  • DrumDeck
  • Velvet Day Spa
  • Gold Moth Mosaics
  • CaveTec
  • Tailor Cain
  • Honest Herbal
  • Impact Marketing
  • Pharma Jet inc.
  • Brand Savvy inc.
  • Econo Cat Club
  • Glen Ayr Health Center
  • Total Elements llc.
  • Reserve Arms llc.
  • Montbell America
  • Martin Marietta
  • Me-Om
  • Journey of Change
  • Johny Green Body Build