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Product Photography & Marketing

Your mother was right!  First impressions are everything. Right or wrong, the quality of your images greatly influences a customer’s perception of your product or service.
You may produce the world’s best “widgets”, but if you market them using low quality photographs the world will assume your products are of low quality as well.  Don’t make that mistake.

On-Location Projects

We specialize in “On-Location” and “Usage” projects.  By that we mean capturing products and services that cannot be brought into a studio situation (though we do that as well).  Examples include factories and industrial operations where the project must be photographed at a specific location OR lifestyle type shots where a product is immersed into the environment where it will be used.  Think about camping gear in the mountains or kitchen products in a world class kitchen setting.

Studio Projects

If you need studio work, we still have you covered.  The most common studio photography projects are high end captures of the product as a stand alone photo (“product on white” or transparent background).  Often these type of photos are combined with a larger “on-location” project to produce a well rounded marketing campaign.  Studio projects can also include smaller stylized product placement like food & beverage or composite photos.

Video & Drone Projects

In today’s market still photography sometimes is not enough.  To keep up with the times and stand above the crowd you want to include video into your marketing strategy.  Big Sun offers video capture, time lapse animation and drone footage to further differentiate your products and services.  Combine your video clips with a well produced still image portfolio.  Now you have all the visual media asset you will need to start a professional advertisement campaign.

Other Services

Rarely is a product photography project limited to just the photo shoot itself.  There are often going to be a long list of other necessary and laborious tasks associated with completion of the campaign.  While some clients will have “in house” staff that can handle some of this work, most do not.  Either the man-power is not available or they simply do not know what needs to be done.  Big Sun Photography can help put the pieces together and make the entire experience run smooth.
  • Image Retouching

    Big Sun Photography offers post production services for all aspects of your project.  Even the most basic product photo requires extensive retouching for a professional look.  No matter the quality of your product, once it is shown as a high resolution image you will see a wealth of imperfections.  Examples include: production faults (pitting and molding errors), handling damage (scratches and smudges), aging issues (discolorations and fading) and simple cleaning (dust and oils).

  • Composite Work

    Quality compositing is often a great way to save a lot of money on a marketing campaign.  Your product may say “I look best at a beach resort in Barbatos” but your budget says “no way that’s happening”.  Compositing (the skilled integration of multiple photos into one) can place your product photos into beautiful environments without the expenses of a location shoot.  It can also be used to add logos, add-ons and variations to products that may not even be fully developed yet.

  • Models

    If your project requires the use of a model that can take a lot of effort. In order to procure a quality model you must do research for age, sex, ethnicity, size, skill set and experience.  After selection there is scheduling, contracts, waivers and payments.  Big Sun can take care of this for you.

  • 3rd Party Professionals

    Many types of commercial product photography involve more professionals than just the photographer.  Often a photo shoot will require the talents of a photography assistant, a food stylist, a makeup artist or other specialty skills.  It is best to allow you photographer to make these choices.  It saves time and money in the long run.

  • Archive Backups for Life

    Big Sun Photography provides FREE backup of your images. If you should lose your image files for any reason (computer hard drive failure or the cat walked across your “delete” key at just the wrong moment)…  no worries!  Pick up the phone and call. We will quickly replace your image files at no cost.