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Real Estate Photography
Big Sun Photography offers professional services for commercial & residential real estate, rentals and architecture shoots throughout the Western Slope (Grand Junction, Montrose, Delta & Telluride).

Commercial Properties

Corporate Spaces, Hotels, Architecture & Interior Design

The images required to sell commercial properties differ significantly from those used for residential properties.  You are targeting a different type of buyer with a different set of priorities guiding their decision to purchase. In addition there are important logistical and legal considerations when photographing a commercial property.  It is important that you work with a real estate photographer who has experience working in the commercial real estate space to avoid costly issues down the road.

Residential Properties

Private Homes, Short Term Rentals & Airbnb

Of primary concern to most residential real estate agents and property owners is pricing and turnaround time.  We offer affordable fixed pricing with very fast turnaround times.  We also prepare your images for use on the web by delivering them ready for upload (resized, compressed and cropped to your specific requirements).  We also include a long list of value added options that can greatly increase leads including video capture, drone services, room measurement, advanced Photoshop work and more.


Add-On Services
Capturing quality imagery is not where we end our services.  While a basic photo package may serve well for some properties, others require a more robust marketing strategy.  We offer a wide variety of options to further improve images and the overall quality of your real estate listing.
  • Virtual Staging

    Virtual Staging is a seller’s dream come true.  Through the use of skilled image editors and machine learning software we can turn an unattractive property into a modern, beautifully decorated and furnished listing.  Real Estate room staging used to require thousands of dollars, weeks of your time and an empty property. Technology now allows us to stage rooms for pennies on the dollar with turnaround times of just a couple days.  Even better, the current resident does not have to move first.  We can stage a room even with existing décor and furnishings.

    What can be done?

    • Fill empty rooms: Virtual staging can add furniture, carpeting and décor making listings more appealing to the buyer.
    • Offer multiple styles: Think some people might prefer a modern décor while others a more rustic?  Virtual staging allows you to offer different styles and aesthetics when targeting different types of buyers.
    • Enhance existing décor:  If the seller still has furnishings and décor in the property, virtual staging can replace unsightly or outdated objects with attractive alternatives.
    • Future Remodeling:  What if a seller upgrades are not completed yet?  Maybe they have not yet finished a remodel or paint job.  Virtual staging can show a room as it will look in the future allowing you to get a head start on selling.
    • Security & Privacy risks: Sometimes photos of an occupied space can open up security or privacy risks that a property owner does not want shown to the world (photos on walls or tables, personal information, unsecured doors or windows).  These sorts of issues can be removed from any photo.  This can be particularly important when trying to sell move an occupied rental or airbnb property.
Virtual Staging Example #2 - BeforeVirtual Staging Example #2 - After
Virtual Staging Example - BeforeVirtual Staging Example - After
  • Virtual Landscaping

    Virtual Landscaping can increase client interest considerably.  This is especially true for properties that are in the middle of remodeling or exterior construction.  Often lawns are in disrepair, exterior furniture is missing and unattractive objects are scattered about the property.  Our editors can turn an otherwise unsightly front yard into a perfectly groomed property with beautiful landscaping.

    What can be done?

    • Addition or replacement of outdoor landscaping.
    • Lawns
    • Flower beds
    • Rock gardens
    • Hedges / trees / bushes
Virtual LandscapingReal Estate virtual landscaping of property
after image of virtual landscapingbefore virtual landscape
  • ``Virtual Twilight`` Hero Shots

    A stunning “hero shot” of the property is known to be one of the single best ways to get buyers to take notice of a property.  The down side to this has always been time and money.  To create an in camera “twilight shot”, the entire photo shoot must be timed around capturing this single photo.  It drastically increases the time of the shoot itself and thus the costs involved.  If that is not bad enough, there is no guarantee that the weather and lighting will be nice as well.

    The answer is Virtual Twilight photography.   Using modern editing techniques and machine learning software we can create realistic natural looking images of your property looking its best with a perfect sky and the soft glowing lighting that really sells a listing.  These are not simple sky replacements that end up looking fake and silly.  Every aspect of the image is altered to bring realism to the photo including color, shadows, interior lighting and more.

Virtual Landscaping
Residential real estate - sample #1
  • 2D & 3D Floor Plans

    It can often be very helpful to provide potential buyers with a floor plan that helps them visualize the entire space.  We offer laser measurement services that are then melded with written and visual information collected during the photo shoot.  The end result is a 2D OR 3D schematic showing buyers how rooms and hallways relate to one another, room dimensions, window and door locations and more.  Value added touches like this go a long way to enticing buyers and creating positive experiences for your clients.

  • Video Tours

    While the vast majority of buyers still make their initial impression by way of still photos, once you have their attention a well edited video tour of the property’s interior/exterior can help to bring the buyer to the next level of interest creating a solid lead.  We offer a variety of video options from high production sales pitches with graphics, narration and interactive information to a very affordable simple walk through.

  • Retouching & Composites

    Retouching is always an important part of any high end real estate photo.  From fixing small imperfections in furnishings to removing unsightly objects, reflections and highlights; retouching can make a break a photo.  While basic retouching is included in all our photo packages (exposure, sharpening, lens distortion removal & most importantly vertical and horizontal line straightening) there is often a need for more advanced editing to take an image to the next level.

    Some of the most popular edits are:

    • Adding fire to a fireplace.
    • Cleaning a pool.
    • Sky replacement.
    • Lawn enhancement or replacement.
    • TV and monitor screen enhancement.
    • Furniture enhancement.