We at Denver Medical Hospital would like to thank you for the professional work  you did photographing our water treatment system.  You managed to get everything lite properly and remove all distortion despite the small and dim room cellar area you had to shoot in.  Thank you again.

Steve WarrenDirector

All of the coins and bullion look fantastic! All of the photos are approved. Eager to get them up on our site! 🙂

Megan DuffieldMarketing Director

It took me a long time to find someone who could do work like this.  My Artwork reproduction is so difficult due to the very small size (I create tiny hand carved artwork that fits inside pocket watches).  Big Sun Photography was able to shoot these tiny 3D artworks inside the watches with such perfection that I am able to sell the artwork as prints on Etsy now.  Really impressed with the results.

Nichole G.