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Our Services

Event photography and video is quite unlike other areas of the craft.  Events are unique in that the photographer rarely has control over the subject matter.  Lighting is often poor, subjects are in motion and it is up to the photographer to predict when and where the important moments will occur. Not only does this require years of practice and skill development, but it also requires specialized equipment that can handle these conditions.


Sometimes one person with one camera just isn’t enough.  You have larger aspirations for your event.  You may require multiple shooters, maybe some video or even drone footage.  Big Sun Photography has you covered with all the essential skills and services you will need.

  • Professional event photography.
  • Videographer services.
  • Drone photography and video.
  • Photo booths
  • On-site printing.

Post Production

Capturing the images is still only half battle.  The other half occurs in the “dark room”.  It takes years of practice on many different types of software to bring out the best from your event’s imagery.  Big Sun Photography does this all in-house allowing the client to collaborate with the editor directly.

  • In-House (we don’t outsource).
  • Image correction.
  • Portrait retouching.
  • Image composites.
  • Video editing.

Free Services

We offer a number of valuable extras included free with ANY event project.  Often these items are billed as additional charges by many photographers, but at Big Sun we feel that these should be just part of the deal.  Nobody likes to be given a low-ball price only to see it skyrocket with additional charges for items that every client needs.
  • Post Production on Stills

    Big Sun Photography offers free post production services for all our clients.  Just capturing great photos is not always enough to get you what you want.  This is particularly so with difficult lighting venues and more artistic events like weddings and ceremonies.  Quality professional post production will bring out the full potential of your images.

  • Archive Backups for Life

    Big Sun Photography provides FREE backup of your images for your protection. Should you ever lose your image files for any reason (computer hard drive failure or the cat walked across your “delete” key at just the wrong moment)…  no worries!  Pick up the phone and call. We will quickly replace your image files at no cost.

  • Online Galleries (private or public)

    After a client’s event has been shot, the images will be professionally culled and uploaded to a private server where images will be made available for viewing and download.

    Private Gallery: At your request, images can be uploaded to a public (or password protected) gallery which can be shared with the event attendees.

    This makes sharing your images so much easier than dealing with all the resizing, uploading and gallery creation required on your own website or social media pages.  Just share a single link via email or social network.

  • Attendee Prints

    Very often the event attendees will want images from the event either of themselves or particular moments during the event (think award winners).  This can lead to a lot of unwanted calls and letters asking for images files.  That can be very time consuming on your end.

    Upon request, we will activate a shopping cart system within your online gallery.  This allows your attendees to order prints and files in any size and medium, delivered directly to their door.  No fuss, no muss on you end.  Just send out a single email to everyone with the gallery link included.

  • Travel Time

    Just about every event requires travel time, so why should it be extra?  We include a reasonable 1hr of travel time / date into our pricing regardless of the size of the project.

  • Fast Turn-Around Times

    Nobody wants to wait weeks to receive the images from their event.  You need to get those images out to the public or to your marketing staff ASAP.  As such, we offer 5-7 day turnaround of your event photos standard with most contracts.  If you need them faster, we can do that too.  We have options that even include same day service.