I recently took part in one of Gene Tewksbury’s macro workshops.  I was happily surprised to find out that many of the techniques that I thought were beyond my skills, were in fact quite easy.  Even more surprising was how much of the “expensive equipment” Gene was able to create “homemade” with simple stuff we all find around the house.  Great class.

William BoydeWestminster, CO

Despite my English not so good, I was able to learn camera skills and improve.  Gene used diagrams when I don’t understand something technical and it work well for me.  Wanted to improve photo for taking pictures of my children.  I recommend his class to anyone.

Muhammad AgnihotriBoulder, CO

I have always loved flowers and insects and other small things when it comes to photography.  With that said my attempts at macro photography were always a bit of a failure.  I just could not grasp how to work with such shallow depths of field and the “tricks” used to make perfect lighting in such a small space.  So I ended up taking a Macro Photography workshop at the Colorado Photography Festival.  Gene was the instructor for the workshop and I just loved it.  He explained things in a way that was very different from all the training videos and tutorials I had watched.  It really helped to gel the information for me.  He even extended the workshop for an extra hour free, just because everyone in the class was having so much fun capturing wildflowers.  I’ll be back for more classes in the future.

Catherine McBrideDenver, CO

Gene of Big Sun Photography is very professional, responsive, and fair. Highly recommended!

Michael HarinenDenver, Colorado

I am a complete novice when it comes to photography and overwhelmed by my new camera. Wanting to get over my fear and confusion I needed to start at the beginning with someone who has a lot of patience, knowledge and talent. My 3 hour private lesson with Gene was exactly what I was looking for. I spent the first 90 minutes in the ‘classroom’ learning how my camera works and the last half of class out in the field taking pictures. I was amazed at the quality pictures I was taking by the end of the lesson. After the lesson Gene sent me an email with all the information we covered during class. I feel I am ready to practice my new learned skills and will be going back to Gene when I’m ready for the next level. I highly recommend Gene / Big Sun Photography !!!

Natalie ValenciaDenver, CO

My boss sent me to Big Sun Photography to learn some skills for our interior design firm.  We had hired Mr. Tewksbury for a photo shoot in the past, but wanted to learn some basic interior / architecture skills for when we want to take quick progress photos for our clients.  The skills I learned were easy to understand and invaluable for improving my photos.  Nobody is going to hire me to shoot professionally, not yet 😉   But I no longer cringe at my own work.   Thanks Gene.

Edd C JohnsonColorado Springs

I came in with my overpriced camera knowing nothing except how to turn the dial to “auto”.  Three hours later I really felt I knew how to control my camera with some level of skill.  My photography class with Gene really inspired me and the images I produced in the past week are the best I’ve ever taken.

Jennifer ColbertGolden, CO