ON1 Photo RAW – A new RAW editor in town.

There is a new kid in town (or soon will be) when it comes to RAW photo editing. On1 Photo RAW “The future of RAW Photo Editing”… at least that is what they are telling us. It remains to be seen, but considering the quality of the rest of their product line I think there is a good chance it will provide competition to the current king, Adobe.

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Distressed Photography by Gene Tewksbury.

Tay Tay Girl

The town is TayTay (Palawan, Philippines).  The three days I spent there were great fodder for my camera.  I got up bright and early (pre-dawn) to see what I could capture from the squatter neighborhood just down the way from my hotel.  The light was barely hitting the front of some of the makeshift homes when I…

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onOne software reduced

On1 Photo 10 Software on Sale

If you are familiar with my photography then you know that I use the On1 Photo 10 editing software often to produce the look I’m after.  Even at it’s full price it is always money well spent, but this holiday season OnOne is running a pretty sweet promotional sale. Through the end of the year,…

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Food Photography

Styling Food for Photography

Ever wonder why your food photography does not look as nice as those in the magazines? Well, there could be a number of reasons, but Food Styling is what most photographers are missing. In this post I’ll lay out some tips and tricks to make your food look it’s very best for your next photo shoot with food.

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DBIA - Design Build Institute of America. Annual Conference and Expo

DBIA Conference and Expo

Welcome DBIA members to your convention galleries.  Here you are able to view all the images taken at this year’s DBIA Conference and Expo in Denver Colorado and/or make purchases of images of friends, co-workers or yourself. Please be sure to read the information below prior to viewing the galleries.  You’ll find specific instructions for making…

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Summit Lake in a Cloudy Fog

Summit Lake in Clouds

I think this might be…  yes, definitely is my favorite photos I’ve taken at Summit Lake.  It’s always beautiful, but when the clouds begin to surround the lake it takes on a whole new level of cool.  You ask why it’s not “fog”.. well considering this photos is taken at 12,000 feet I still consider…

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