Denver Editorial Photographer (new website)

The ongoing attempt to break my photography services into topic specific websites has yielded another domain.  This website will focus on “Colorado Freelance Editorial and Documentary Photography“.  Currently it just has some basic background information but soon it will be filled with a variety of full story projects and galleries.  It is going to take a…

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Denver Event Photography (new website)

Announcing the release of a brand new dedicated event photography website. Big Sun Photography Denver Event Photography – [ ] Better information about services, better pricing packages and new galleries. Check it out, and keep the url in your rolodex (does anyone really use those anymore?) in case you have a need for an event photographer…

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Cowboy Portrait – Creating Unique Portraiture with Texture

I don’t know about you, but my skin crawls at the thought of  a “JC Penny” style portrait.  No matter how interesting a person may be, that basic head shot / studio type of image simply drains the life right out of your subject.  Even if your subject look simply perfect, what have I learned about them by looking at a photograph like that?  Does that cookie cutter portrait tell me who they are, what they enjoy in life, what they do for a living?  Does it expose their personality, their dreams,,,  anything?   No, no and no…

A good portrait should mirror in some way, the person whom you are photographing.

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GWAR Concert – Work with what you have.

It’s good to keep high standards with one’s photography. High standards keep you from boring the world with sub-par product. It keeps a level of professionalism to your work and it makes you proud of that work you do share with others.

But it can also act a burden to creativity and spontaneity. I’ve all too often caught myself missing out on a great photo opportunity simply because I knew circumstances would prevent me from producing quality images. Well, that’s not always a good thing.

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Candid Photography takes a lot of planning

Many photographers are under the impression that great candid photography is just a matter of being lucky. If only that were true… it would be a lot easier.

Most often my candid photos, while not posed, are pre-planned. I will notice a situation that has potential for a great shot “if only things were like this or like that”… but if you interfere and try to pose and create “this and that” you will often ruin the shot (and certainly damage the candid nature of the photo).

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Light Painting – More than just lines.

Light Painting is not just someone running around the back yard with a flashlight creating lines and circles in the air (much the same way you would with sparklers on the 4th of July).

Capturing the light trails of a flashlight (while fun) gets pretty boring pretty quickly from an artistic standpoint.  Now, turn the flightlight away from the camera and toward your subjects in the darkness,,,, suddenly you have the ability to “paint” light onto a subject with amazing control and creativity.  Just like a real painter you can adjust the flow (flashlight intensity), bleed (flashlight spread), paint (light color), texture (light direction).

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