Photography 101

A little insight changes everything about your photos…

This workshop is focused on introducing the beginner photographer or new camera owner to the basic concepts of composition and exposure.  You will be shown how to work with the major camera features required to take your first steps forward in photography.  With these skills you can begin to take better photos of any subject and get more enjoyment from your photography.

Lesson takes place inside and outside (weather permitting) and contains a lot of information (don’t worry, I will give you all your notes already written so you can just focus on the class).

Who Should Take This Class?:

  • Beginners – who need an introduction to their new cameras and to photography basics.
  • Novices – who wish to get an all inclusive review of the basics.  It’s a great refresher course for those who learned (but forgot) this information previously.
Beginner Photography Workshop Outline:

Exposure | Depth of Field & Shooting Modes

Understanding Exposure:

  • Most training out there tells you “what to do” NOT “why to do it and how it works”.
  • Understanding the why and how allows you to tackle new situations not just those used within a single example.
  • Achieving proper exposure. (working with shutter speed, aperture and ISO).
  • Working with exposure compensation.

Shooting Modes:

  • M, A, S (Tv), P
  • What are they for? When to use them.

Depth of Field:

  • Improving your composition with depth of field.
  • DOF and aperture (f/stops) focal length, sensor size, subject distance.

Metering | Focusing | Dynamic Range

Metering Modes:

  • Controlling exposure via metering modes.
  • Targeting exposure to your subject.


  • Focusing techniques
  • Focus area modes
  • Focus points
  • Using manual focus

Dynamic Range:

  • Learn how to tackle those terrible lighting situations that leave you with blown out skies and shadows with no details.

Basic Composition

  • Framing your subjects
  • Rule of thirds
  • Background and foregrounds
  • Unique viewpoints
  • and more…

Image Critique:

  • All students are encouraged to bring some select photos on a thumb drive for a critique session.
    • Best Photos:  Bring your best photos with you so we can discuss what you have done right and what can be improved upon next time.
    • Problem Photos:  Bring samples of photos that represent ongoing issues you may be having so that we can discuss how to overcome those issues.

Photography 101 Workshop

  • Dates: 3rd Sunday [ Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov ]
  • Location: 1290 Golden Cir, Golden, CO 80401
  • Time: 10am to 2pm