Photography Workshops

Denver area photography training

Small Class Size:

Big Sun photography workshops are kept small so that everyone receives the personal attention they need.  Workshops are always capped at a maximum of 8 persons (often as few as 4 if the topic warrants smaller classes). The class sessions are informal and everyone is encouraged to ask questions throughout the class.

Flexible Curriculum:

We will often cover topics that were not part of the original workshop.  This is due to the open nature of the workshops where students are encouraged to explore whatever questions they have, often leading to topics that move outside the original course outline.

In the Field Classes

Most workshops will take place out “in the field”.  That may mean up in the mountains (landscape), in the city (architecture), or in a meadow (macro) or wherever else meets the needs of the class.  A few subjects do take place only within the classroom if that best meets the needs of the workshop.

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