Online Virtual Photography Classrooms

Private Lessons Anytime from Anywhere!

What is a Virtual Classroom?

It is a real-time “One-on-One” online collaboration environment designed for teaching and training over the Internet. It allows the teacher and student to communicate and pass information in real time.


Anytime / Anywhere: The most common reason for people to put off improving their skills is the inconvenience of trying to attend a class or workshop due to distance and/or time.  Virtual classrooms can take place anywhere at any time.  Problem solved!

Shorter Classes:  Our standard “in-person lessons” are 3 hrs minimum due to the amount of time/effort required by both student and teacher to get together.  Virtual Photography instruction allows for more convenient classes and as such we allow shorter classes.  As short as one hour or as long as you wish.

Recorded video of your entire class: Have you ever attended a training class or lesson and wished you could do it again?  You missed some points, your notes were not complete or you just learn better by hearing things again.  All Big Sun’s virtual photography lessons are recorded from start to finish and available just for you, to review at anytime.  You can even download the video file to your computer, phone or tablet.

Reduced Pricing:  ‘Nuff said.  Less money per class is always a good thing.

Shared Whiteboards and Screen Annotations:  Both instructor and student can annotate, markup, draw and write on any shared screen.  This allows the teacher and instructor to make notes/annotations directly onto images, whiteboards and even onto applications that are being shared.  Even better! The student can save a screenshot with the click of a button at any time, allowing “visual notes” with all the circles and arrows etc.

Screen Sharing:  Both parties are able to share their own screens so not only can you see the instructors screen as they demonstrate techniques and examples, BUT you can share your own screen with the instructor allow them to see what you’re doing correctly and what you are not. (Super useful for image editing training).

Remote Control:  Some things are fixed faster if the instructor can just do it for you.  ONLY with your permission, you can allow the instructor to control the mouse on your computer allowing them to more easily make changes to your program (example: Photoshop settings).

Text Chat:  In the unfortunate event that your connection is having issues and making audio difficult for a few minutes, class can still continue using text chat until the audio is back on par.  Text chat is also useful for the instructor to pass on links, comments and off the cuff notes which the student may wish to save at the end of class.

Great Option for Kids:  Many parents feel apprehensive about letting their child go to a stranger’s home or studio (or even more so on a “field trip”).  Additionally, most kids now days are actually more comfortable learning through a digital medium.  In both cases a Virtual Photography Classroom fits the bill.

  • 1st Hour: $100 
    • Additional hours $50 (private lesson)
    • Additional person(s) $25/hr (small groups)
  • 3 hr classes -scheduled in advance: $175 (private lesson)
    • Additional person(s) $75 (small groups)
  • Operating systems:
    • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
    • All Apple computers – MAC OS 10.8 and up.
    • All Android based tablets or phones – Android version 4 and up.
    • All iOS devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  • Web browser: Any web browser will work, BUT Chrome works best.  So you may wish to install Chrome prior to the class for best results.
  • Connection speed: 2 mb/s minimum required for smooth audio and video.
  • Headphones and microphone:  While your computer’s speaker will work you will likely not enjoy the class as the mic will pickup the sound from the speaker and you will hear “echos” of everything.  As such headphones or ear buds and a micrphone are required for computer audio.
  • Phone:  It is also possible to join a class using your phone as the audio speaker and mic.
  • Camera:  Less important than the headphones is a web camera.  This is just so that your instructor can see you at the same time you see them.  It helps makes things more personal and helps in expressing concepts with gesture, etc (just like the real world).  But class can go on just fine without it.
  • App download:  There is a very small app you will need to download for the virtual classroom to work on your computer/device.  It takes no more than 15 seconds to install and can be removed after the class if you desire.

That Depends:  The information is the same with either option.  Where you will find a difference is a matter of your learning preference.  In person training allows for “hands on” trial and error, while the online training offers more access to materials, examples and demonstrations.

Additionally some topics simply lend themselves more toward one option or another.  For example software classes are easily as good online as in person, maybe better since you can review your session video recording anytime to review information and demonstrations.  However, something like sports photography will likely be best learned at an actual event.

Absolutely!  You may download the video recording of the class and review it for as long as you wish.  The recording will include all video, audio, screen sharing, annotations etc.  Everything is recorded as it was seen during the lesson.

Yes they are.  However, you are welcome to make a small group out of it as well allowing you to save money (see pricing).

You sure can!  We can run a private classroom for only those with registered access.  As many people as you wish.  We also offer discounted rates for larger group classes (groups of 5 or more). Call for pricing.

These virtual group classes can still be customized for any topic just like an individual private lesson.

Yes.  As long as we have discussed in advance that studio demonstrations of techniques are needed, then this can be arranged.  We are unable to do this once a class has begun.

“Can you provide an example?”  Let’s say that our virtual lesson topic is macro photography.  We may arrange to demonstrate various lighting and mounting techniques in the studio so the student can see exactly how the techniques are performed.  This is much better than a simple recorded video as it’s live and can be tailored to questions from the student in real time.

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