Photoshop Retouching Lessons

Make everybody look their very best…

One of the most common types of photographs any person will take are portraits AND one of the most desired photo enhancements people want done to a photograph is portrait retouching. So why not learn how to make your portrait photographs look their very best.  These Photoshop tutoring lessons focus on how to enhance (and manipulate) portrait photos to make your subjects look their very best.  These skills will help you reduce age, improve skin and hair, remove facial flaws or just improve a poorly shot photograph.

Portrait Retouching Lesson Outline
  • The Eyes:
    • cleanup
    • working with catch light
    • brightening
    • red eye removal
    • recreate pupils
    • color manipulation
    • creating an iris ring

    The Eyebrows and Eyelashes:

    • custom shaping
    • changing color
    • “plucking” and trimming
    • direction modification
    • eyelash thickening

    The Skin and Hair:

    • changing skin tones
    • skin retouching
      • smoothing
      • blemish removal
      • smooth wrinkles
      • digital makeup
    • hair color
    • hair thickening and shaping

    Lips and Teeth:

    • teeth whitening
    • teeth straightening
    • lips shaping
    • lip coloring

    Facial Contouring:

    • thinning
    • raising cheeks
    • nose reshaping
    • eye position

    Prerequisite knowledge: This class assumes you have a working knowledge of Photoshop.