Photography 101 Beginner Lessons

Personalized lessons focused on your specific needs…

The “101” lesson is basically a catch all class.  The topics we cover are completely based on what you need to learn as opposed to a specific course outline.  In most cases we are working on understanding the basics of photography (depth of field, exposure, motion capture and other basic camera skills) and then often follow up with some basic composition.

This said, it all depends on the student’s needs and current skill set.

Beginner Photography Overview

Topics include:

Understanding Exposure:

    • Most training out there tells you “what to do” NOT “why to do it and how it works”.
    • Understanding the why and how allows you to tackle new situations not just those situations used within a single example.
    • Achieving proper exposure. (working with shutter speed, aperture and ISO).
    • Working with exposure compensation.
    • Shooting Modes:

M, A, S (Tv), P

    • What are they for? When to use them.

Depth of Field:

    • Improving your composition with depth of field.
    • DOF and aperture (f/stops) focal length, sensor size, subject distance.

Metering Modes:

    • Controlling exposure via metering modes.
    • Targeting exposure to your subject.


    • Focusing techniques
    • Focus area modes
    • Focus points
    • Using manual focus
    • Dynamic Range:


  • All you need is a camera.  No previous experience or skills are necessary.