Nighttime Photography Lessons

Stretching time with your camera is fun and creative…

Taking photos at night can open a whole new world to your photographic arsenal.  The world looks different, feels different and allows for photo opportunities that simply don’t exist during the daylight hours.

During these night time workshops, we will be experimenting with time lapse and long exposure techniques. Come enjoy a night of exciting photography on the streets of Denver.

Prerequisite knowledge: 

  • This class assumes you have a working knowledge of your camera’s functions and settings plus understand the basics of exposure and depth of field.
  • A tripod is also going to be required.

Locations: There are many locations we may choose to use for this night photography class; however, most often it will be held downtown at several of the locations listed below.

  • City Park for sunset
  • Art Museum
  • Civic Park
  • Blue Bear (convention center)
  • Denver Performing Arts Complex
  • Larimer Street
  • Union Station (train station)
  • Coors Field
  • 16th Street Mall