Distressed Photography Lessons

Give your images a beautiful and unique style…

Textured photography is a way to stylize your images for a unique artistic look unlike any that can be produced by filters, plugins or any other “quick cheat”. This is an in depth and difficult artistic method which allows you to blend dozens of images together using textures you procure from your environment. The end result is a photographic image which seems as real as any photograph yet has all the surrealism of a painting. View this gallery for examples.

Topics include:

  • Working with layers
  • Advanced Masking techniques
  • Blending modes
  • Working with Channels
  • Advanced color manipulation
  • and more…

Prerequisite knowledge: This class assumes a working knowledge of Photoshop (layers, masks, and basic adjustment). If you are just starting you should take the beginner Photoshop lessons first.