Camera Gear Buying Guidance

A couple hours of guidance can save you money and frustration…

The internet is full of camera reviews ready to tell you what camera to buy.  The problem is, that more often than not, what you are getting is a long list of features and statistics which mean little to the average first time DSLR buyer.  Often laypersons get sucked into a specific camera based on a feature set which sound amazing but in reality has little or no importance at all in how you use your camera.  The features which truly matter,are often downplayed (or deliberately excluded) from the marketing materials so that manufacturers can focus on their latest gimmick.

Most photographers have paid many times the total of their current equipment over the years in an attempt to figure out what camera, lens and gear suite their needs and preference (I’m a member of this group as well).  I could have saved a lot of time and money with a little jump start guidance when I first started.  So now I offer that option to you.

This class is meant to help you decide exactly what type of camera and equipment you should purchase based on your budget and your photographic needs.

I can even come with you to the store to help with evaluating equipment if you wish.

Topics to Cover
  • Body types
    • Weather proffing
    • Frame material
    • Xternal controls (what matters and what does not)
  • Sensor types
    • aps-c
    • Full frame
    • 1″
    • Medium format
    • Large format
  • Features and Extras
    • Image stabilization options
    • AE/F locks
    • Bracketing options
    • Drive modes
    • LCD placements
    • Viewfinder types
    • Megapixel count
    • Video capabilities
    • File formats
    • Focus modes
    • Metering modes
    • Shutter speeds
    • External Flash options
  • Accessories
  • Anything that needs to be discussed.