Adobe Photoshop Lessons

Expand your imagination with image editing…

Adobe Photoshop is the undisputed king of photography enhancement. The options which Photoshop can offer you are as varied as your artistic imagination. However, Photoshop is not an easy program to learn. It’s one of the more complex programs on the market, and as such, it is best to get started with some proper training.

Big Sun Lessons differs from most by putting you immediately to work on actual “real life” usage of the program (“emersion training”).   Within the first hour we will be using Photoshop to manipulate photographs, enhance flawed images and more.  The “sample projects” are specifically designed to introduce you to the basic tools and practices that you’ll need in order to move forward toward more complex skills.

The classes listed below cover the basics that you should become acquainted with before venturing into deeper waters.

Adobe Photoshop Lesson Outline
  • Photoshop 101: Enhancing Photos:

    • Basic tools
    • Basic layers
    • Basic selections
    • Working with adjustment layers
    • Using filters
    • Improving image color, contrast and exposure.

    Photoshop 102: Getting Creative:

    • More advanced selection techniques
    • Working with masks
    • Blending layers
    • Working with brushes

    Photoshop 103: Advanced Selections

    • Selections by painting
    • Manipulate your image for easier selections
    • Working with channels & alpha layers
    • Cleaning messy selections
    • Difficult selections (ex: hair or leaves).