Adobe Lightroom Lessons

Lightroom will change the way you do photography…

Having a passion for photography can unintentionally turn your days off into a whole lot of work.  Once you sit down and try to organize and process those 500 photos you just took, some of the fun of photography wanes.  But if you learn how to harness the power of Adobe Lightroom you can easily knock out those images in minutes.

Adobe Lightroom is a blessing for anyone who is an active photographer, but without proper training most people barely scratch the surface of its organizational power.


Lightroom was first developed to be an organizational tool for photographers above all else, and boy does it do this well.  Organization is Lightroom’s least “sexy” feature and most people are not even considering this aspect of Lightroom when they decide to buy it.  Their minds soon change.  Once you learn to use the full potential of the easy to use import, key wording, ranking and culling tools you will wonder how you ever enjoyed photography without it.


Ever wonder how two photos of the exact same subject can look so different?  Is one photographer that much better a photographer than another?  Well, often yes this is the case, but not always!   Sometimes they are just very skilled at their post production techniques.

This portion of our education will teach you how to make the very most of the photographs you take though the powerful development and enhancement processes provided in Lightroom.  We will also touch on the other tools built into Lightroom which allow you to publish your photographs to the world.


So now you’ve been educated on how to manage your photos and make them look great.  Next thing you probably want to do is share all this great photography with friends, family & whomever else will look.

This final portion topics to learn introduces you to Lightroom tools allowing you to easily and professionally publish your images.  From producing better prints to sharing via email to automated online publishing in venues like Facebook, Flickr and Google+.

Adobe Lightroom Lesson Outline


  • proper installation (it’s not what you think)
  • database migration (between computers)
  • preferences and catalog settings
  • importing “best practices” (this can be a real time saver)
  • import setting strategies

Photo organization

  • ranking
  • tagging
  • culling techniques
  • keywording techniques
  • collections
  • importing best practices

Meta tagging

  • EXIF and IPTC best practices
  • meta automation

Photo enhancement (global and local adjustments)

  • Understanding global tools
    • using your histogram
    • tonal tools
    • working with color
    • working with curves
    • sharpening and noise reduction
    • much more…
  • Targeted local adjustment tools
    • cropping
    • spot removal
    • gradient tools
    • paint brush tools

Exporting Practices

  • automated batch export
  • resizing, meta data, web upload, file types, etc

Print and web settings.

  • printing
  • monitor calibration
  • page layouts
  • dpi and print quality

Web Display

  • photo galleries
  • direct upload to social sharing sites