Private Photography Lessons
In Person Private Lessons

Group workshops are not for everyone. So Big Sun also provides private in person training, whether you live here or are just visiting for the week we can find time to work with you.  Our schedule is very flexible.

Who prefers private lessons over workshops?

  • Students looking for ongoing multi-lesson education tailored specifically for them.
  • Students who are uncomfortable learning in a group setting.
  • Students with more advanced skills or specialized interests.
  • Students with very restrictive schedules.
  • Students looking to trouble shoot specific problems.

Whatever the reason, Big Sun is happy to provide students in the Denver Colorado area a way to obtain that personalized education which is nearly impossible to find in most photography schools.

Online Virtual Classroom

Virtual classrooms are an amazing way to improve your photography skills without leaving your home.  Virtual training still allows for personalized one-on-one classes, but now class takes place within your home or from anywhere in the world (Imagine receiving personalized help while traveling in Asia).  Our online training system allows for real-time video / audio exchange between teacher and student.  Live whiteboards, screen sharing, file sharing, and more classroom features allow for a true to life learning experience.

In fact some topics are actually better taught using virtual classrooms than in person due to ability for both student and teacher to easily and quickly share files and demonstrate techniques (think photo editing classes with Lightroom and Photoshop, photography business training, etc).

If that’s not enough, all virtual training sessions are recorded to video so you can easily review the entire lesson anytime you wish with all the video, audio, files and notes.

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