Have you ever wanted to share a lighting setup with other photographers?  Maybe you are creating tutorials, teaching a class or just describing how you captured that last great photo to fellow artists.  Possibly you need to create diagrams with a client in order to plan out a future shoot?  In any case, this is often a bothersome time consuming task.  I used to have to do a photoshop layout and then import various icons I’d found on the web in order to produce a sub-par representation.  I was left with single basic icons representing any number of variations on equipment (like one light icons representing a wide variety of strobes, speedlite and incandescents).  Not the best results to say the least.  Well, no more!

I’m really excited about this free website I found (http://www.lightingdiagrams.com/).  It really could not be more simple to use.  As soon as you arrive at the site, the builder is ready for you to use.  Basically the home page is the builder itself.  Just use objects from the menu on the left (a large collection of subjects, lights, modifiers, reflectors, etc) and place them on the grid representing the shoot area.  You can easily change their orientation and position in real time with your mouse.

Once completed you simply select an output option from the dropdown (png, jpg or url) and it’s ready for use.  I’m going to really enjoy use of this in future tutorials.  You can see some of the elements available in the demo I created for this post.  This of course was just a quick and nasty setup.  Obviously dimensions are not suitable for a real shoot, but it needed to fit in the blog post header.

NOTE: While the site is free to use, a donation to the developer might be in order if you’re going to frequent it.

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