Hey Gene, Larry here…  I received the final images today and am so very happy.  My son looks like a rock star kicking goals and running the field.  He really loves that diving shot you captured.  Call you again if we make regionals this year.

Larry JessFather

Demotix would like to thank you for your coverage of the USA Pro Challenge bicycle race this year.  You did a good job and we appreciate you driving all the way up to Breckenridge on such short notice.  We’ll see if we can get you a press pass next year to put you in a better position.

Demotix NewswireStringer Manger, Editor

Mucho Gusto,

We at the San Jose Food Bank are very grateful for your generous donation of time and skill last month.  We were able to use your photographs for promotional posters at this year’s Mardi Gras festival to help collect donations.  We feel the quality images helped a great deal.  Remember to drop by next time you’re in the area.  We would love to see you again.

San Jose Food BankNon-Profit

It has taken me a while to finally feel up to looking through the funeral photographs from my brother’s service last month.  Gene, truly beautiful.  I was so lost in my own thoughts at the time that I wasn’t seeing the many friends and family who were there, sharing stories and memories from Bob’s life.  Within the photos I saw love, laughter, grief and strength.  These burial photos are not about remembering his death but about remembering all the people whom he touched in his life.  Bless you for putting so much work into such lovely imagery.  I will recommend you to the funeral home as a quality funeral photographer.

Beth ClintonSister

Gene, You did yourself well, yesterday. You were showed yourself to be a true professional, kind, and patient, to name just a few. Your character showed through as well. You’re a good guy. Everyone at the facility thoroughly enjoyed you. You did an excellent job. Thank you.

C. BruceFather

Joe and I just had a chance to take a quick look at your photos.  We both agree that they are awesome and exactly what we were looking for.  We would like to give you an additional $100 bonus for your hard work and for getting them back to us so fast.

Mertz ProductionsEvent Production Company

We do 13+ trade shows per year and I hire a professional photographer for most of them.  These are hands down the best photos we’ve had returned for one of our events and I’ve been handling this for five years!   These really raise the bar and make our event look like a high end production.   I can’t wait to use these in our marketing for next year!

Irene GruenBobit Business Media

Gene – thank you so much for the photos – I have looked through them and they are lovely.  Our CEO is going to be very happy.

Andrea PinyaEvent Coordinator - ENR Best Projects

I recently took part in one of Gene Tewksbury’s macro workshops.  I was happily surprised to find out that many of the techniques that I thought were beyond my skills, were in fact quite easy.  Even more surprising was how much of the “expensive equipment” Gene was able to create “homemade” with simple stuff we all find around the house.  Great class.

William BoydeWestminster, CO

Despite my English not so good, I was able to learn camera skills and improve.  Gene used diagrams when I don’t understand something technical and it work well for me.  Wanted to improve photo for taking pictures of my children.  I recommend his class to anyone.

Muhammad AgnihotriBoulder, CO