Hey Gene,,,  Thank you so much for doing our photo shoot at the restaurant.  The photos you took of our food look dead on.  And I love the fact that you were versatile enough to take great portrait shots of me with the food as well.  Most food photographers I think would not have been able to pull that off.  See ya soon.

Kevin AbbotHead Chef

Your photos of orchids for our nursery promotional materials are more than I could have hoped for.  I was expecting a little flower in the middle of a big picture, but your macro work is stunning!  I even used one of the photos for a large wall print in my office.  It’s “fine art” not just marketing photos.

Tim WilliamsFlorist

“These images look great!”
– PharmaJet medical equipment / devices.

Shannon OReillySales Support Manager

Organic, natural and healthy.  These are words most often associated with spa and beauty products and you really presented our products in that same way.

When it comes to selling products like ours online you need to make sure the customer “SEEs” organic, natural and healthy in your photos.  The props and layouts you created looked dynamite,, I particularly liked use of the flower petals and dripping honey for our skin cream.

Jenny M. VincentOwner / Skin Specialist

We at Denver Medical Hospital would like to thank you for the professional work  you did photographing our water treatment system.  You managed to get everything lite properly and remove all distortion despite the small and dim room cellar area you had to shoot in.  Thank you again.

Steve WarrenDirector

All of the coins and bullion look fantastic! All of the photos are approved. Eager to get them up on our site! 🙂

Megan DuffieldMarketing Director

It took me a long time to find someone who could do work like this.  My Artwork reproduction is so difficult due to the very small size (I create tiny hand carved artwork that fits inside pocket watches).  Big Sun Photography was able to shoot these tiny 3D artworks inside the watches with such perfection that I am able to sell the artwork as prints on Etsy now.  Really impressed with the results.

Nichole G.

Thank you Gene for making my wedding such a success.  You really helped to make things go smoothly and I just love the photos.  I know wedding photography is no easy task, but you really made it look easy.  Thanks again.  Can’t wait to get my prints.

Amy B.Bride

We at the School of Mines felt you did a wonderful job capturing the excitement and fun of our student fair last month.  We’ve incorporated several of your images into our monthly newsletter.  We will be using your photography services again in the future I’m sure.

Beth WhitemanSchool Event Planner

Gene!  Just wanted to thank you for your professional work at my brother’s retirement party.  You did a wonderful job.  Martha (his wife) couldn’t stop talking about the portrait you took of her and the sisters.  She hung the framed print right in the main foyer.

Bob RichardsClient