Dear Big Sun Photography,

I wish to extend my thanks for the professional job you did on my last few listings.  I have used many real estate photographers over the years with mixed results but found your image quality and all round professionalism to be well worth the slightly higher price.  I look forward to working with you again soon.

Nathan ColbertReal Estate Agent

Thank you Gene for your work on my listings this past week.  I was really under the gun to get these online as fast as possible and for a price that fit the budget.  All the location shots were excellent and I want you to know that I’ll be calling again soon.  My client was so thrilled with the virtual dusk photos she actually asked for a copy to remember the old home by.  Thanks again, talk soon.

Mary FarnsworthReal Estate Agent

We hired Mr. Tewksbury to capture the stunning architecture and interior design of our newest Denver area office building for use in marketing and promotion. The services provided were of high quality and Mr. Tewksbury was professional in all aspects of the project.  We particularly liked what he did with the interior editing and staging of currently unoccupied office space.  We will be using him again for future photographic services.

Crichton Industries inc.Marketing Supervisor

I didn’t want to pay a realtor 6% of my home value ($18,000) to sell my home when I knew I could do it myself through the countless online venues for selling real estate.  With that said I needed some professional help with presentation in the form of images and a video.  Big Sun Photography delivered lovely results and got them to me within just a few days of calling.  The images made my home look like a steal and I was able to bring in dozens of leads within just a week.  House is now sold and I saved thousands of dollars.

Cherry McDonaldProperty Owner

Gene really paid attention to detail and created some awesome photographs for me.

Christopher McDonaldBusiness Owner

My experience has been absolutely phenomenal. Gene and Lou were wonderful to work with, great communication in regards to what I was looking for, and the quality is wonderful. I am very pleased with my experience and will be going back for future projects. I will recommend Big Sun Photography to everyone I know.

Brooke SalazarOwner

I hired Big Sun to do some photography for my custom jewelry line.  I had tried to do it myself,, that was a mistake.  Then I tried hiring a photographer who claimed he knew how to do product photography work even though his portfolio only had a couple images of that type.  That also was a mistake.  However, Gene was able to knock out the images I needed in only a couple days and they looked stunning!   Very happy.  I will be back.

Jenny GreyJewelry Artist

Really nice job!   I had a bunch of consumer goods that I needed photographed for my Ebay auctions.  From stereos to shoes to kitchen ware.  I sell a lot of stuff.  Big Sun did a great job and did it quickly.  Best of all I was able to call my photographer Gene anytime to discuss new ideas and make changes.  Had I used some “bulk photo studio” online I would have been out of luck and out of money with the products I needed changed.  Thanks Gene.

Joy MitchnerEbay Seller

I had over 50 custom made pieces of arts and crafts type work I needed shot.  I mostly make Christmas ornaments which are very difficult to shoot what with all the shiny reflective materials and sparkles and such.  Big Sun Made them look amazing and they sold much better than usual which I attribute directly to the high quality images I received.

Mark HammondOwner

Our company makes sexy playful tops and bottoms for overweight women.   Big Sun Photography was not only able to take wonderful photographs of our fashion clothing line but they took care of everything from finding and hiring the models to getting the location permissions for the shoot.  I was able to be on location for the shoot which was very helpful as I could make decisions about styling and outfit options based on the actual models for each shot.  It really worked out well and based on the inquiries I made to other professional photographers in the Denver area, the price was very competitive.

Cathy HarperMarketing Specialist