Photography Lessons 101 in Denver Colorado

Photography 101 Beginner Lessons

Photography 101 Beginner Lessons Personalized lessons focused on your specific needs… The “101” lesson is basically a catch all class.  The topics we cover are completely based on what you need to learn as opposed to a specific course outline.  In most cases we are working on understanding the basics of photography (depth of field,…

Distressed photography lesson online virtual classroom

Distressed Photography Lessons

Distressed Photography Lessons Give your images a beautiful and unique style… Textured photography is a way to stylize your images for a unique artistic look unlike any that can be produced by filters, plugins or any other “quick cheat”. This is an in depth and difficult artistic method which allows you to blend dozens of…

Adobe Lightroom lessons online virtual classrooms

Adobe Lightroom Lessons

Adobe Lightroom Lessons Lightroom will change the way you do photography… Having a passion for photography can unintentionally turn your days off into a whole lot of work.  Once you sit down and try to organize and process those 500 photos you just took, some of the fun of photography wanes.  But if you learn…

Photoshop retouching lessons online.

Photoshop Portrait Retouching

Photoshop Retouching Lessons Make everybody look their very best… One of the most common types of photographs any person will take are portraits AND one of the most desired photo enhancements people want done to a photograph is portrait retouching. So why not learn how to make your portrait photographs look their very best.  These Photoshop…

Adobe photoshop lessons in Denver and online

Adobe Photoshop Lessons

Adobe Photoshop Lessons Expand your imagination with image editing… Adobe Photoshop is the undisputed king of photography enhancement. The options which Photoshop can offer you are as varied as your artistic imagination. However, Photoshop is not an easy program to learn. It’s one of the more complex programs on the market, and as such, it…

Portfolio Reviews for photographers

Photographer Portfolio Review

Photographer Portfolio Review There’s more to consider than just “what’s my best images”… So you’ve been capturing photos for several years and all your friends say “you should sell your photos online”. Nice sentiment, but how do you begin? Where do you start? There are so many options, which one works best for your type…

Camera Gear Purchasing Guide

Camera Gear Buying Guide

Camera Gear Buying Guidance A couple hours of guidance can save you money and frustration… The internet is full of camera reviews ready to tell you what camera to buy.  The problem is, that more often than not, what you are getting is a long list of features and statistics which mean little to the…

Flower photography - private lessons - Denver

Flower Photography Lessons

Flower Photography Lessons At home or in nature, floral photos are fun and beautiful… The Rocky Mountains are known for amazing wildflowers, so we have plenty of great subjects to work with during the summer.  But we are not restricted to just wildflowers.  Floral photography can be a year round activity once you learn the…

HDR private photography lessons in Denver

Landscape Photography Lessons

Landscape Photography Lessons Capturing what you see into a photograph…   This page is under construction, come back soon! Landscape Photography Lesson Outline Composition Using filters Black & white photography Lenses & other equipment Keeping things sharp Camera Settings

Nighttime photography Long Exposure Photography lessons in Denver

Night / Long Exposure Photography Lessons

Nighttime Photography Lessons Stretching time with your camera is fun and creative… Taking photos at night can open a whole new world to your photographic arsenal.  The world looks different, feels different and allows for photo opportunities that simply don’t exist during the daylight hours. During these night time workshops, we will be experimenting with…