understanding exposure stops

Exposure Stops in Photography – What is a stop? Why do I care?

What is a “Stop” in photography? And why do I care? This training tutorial will explain the basics of exposure stops, what they are used for and how they relate to your photos and camera settings. Everything in photography revolves around the concepts of stops so you might as well make sure you know what it is. It will only help you yes? So take five minutes and learn something useful.

Landscape in Black and White - photography tutorial.

Black and White Landscape Photography Tutorial

Black and White (monochrome) photography can be a real boon to your landscape photos. In many cases it can transform a landscape scene into a much stronger, more dramatic representation of the environment. Often this allows you to better convey the emotion you felt when you were there in person. Let’s take a look at black and white landscape photography and how it differs from color landscape photography.

Rules of Composition

Improve Your Photography with Better Composition

Composition trumps all other aspects of photography. A technically perfect image with poor composition is still destined for the trash, but a beautiful composition with less perfect exposure or sharpness…. can still be a work of art. So before you waste too much time and money on equipment and learning fancy techniques, try learning some basic composition and watch your photography improve nearly instantly.