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Denver Photoshop & Lightroom Lessons

Learn professional photo editing skills....

Adobe's image editing software is generally considered the gold standard for any professional who works in graphics, design or photography. There is little that cannot be done with Photoshop and Lightroom's massive collection of tools and features.

The downside to all this power is complexity. It can take a very long time to become proficient at these programs and even years to fully master everything they have to offer.

Fear not! Photoshop/ Lightroom lessons and tutoring doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Personal instruction with a professional tutor is a drop in the bucket in comparison to college courses or photography business workshops.  In addition you are going to learn so much more with "one on one" private instruction.  Learning at a pace which is comfortable for you makes the most of your dollars.


Big Sun's Photoshop training differs from most by putting you immediately to work on actual "real life" usage of the program. It's "hands on" learning.  The "sample projects" are specifically designed to introduce you to the basic tools and practices that you'll need in order to move forward toward more complex skills.

Adobe Software Classes for Photographers

Photoshop 101

    • This class will introduce you to the core skills in Photoshop which allow you to expand your creative skills further on your own or with future classes.
    • Meant for a beginner Photoshop user.
    • Photoshop Elements can be taught as well if you do not have Photoshop.
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Lightroom 101 Lesson 1 (organization)

    • Learn to tackle Lightroom's arsenal of organizational tools.
    • Topics: Installation, organization, culling, meta tagging, keywording, etc.
    • More information…

Lightroom 101 Lesson 2 (development)

    • Learn to make your photos look their very best through the development module.
    • Topics: Photo development/enhancement, exporting practices, printing & web display.
    • More information…

Portrait Retouching

    • Learn to make everyone beautiful with advanced retouching techniques in Photoshop.  
    • Improve skin, remove blemishes, change hair and eye color, enhance lips & teeth, etc.
    • Requires some background in Photoshop.
    • More information…

Textured Photography

    • Textured photography is a way to stylize your images for a unique artistic look unlike any that can be produced by filters, plugins or any other "quick cheat". 
    • Learn layer blending, advanced masking techniques and all the tricks to creating amazing textured imagery.
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Your Instructor


My goal is always to teach WHY a technique works, not just HOW it's done. This is the fundamental difference between Big Sun training and most other photo courses who teach only by route. By learning the reasons behind the practice, you are able to move forward on your own, breaking away from the mundane and expanding your creativity.

 As with any service you should research what/whom you are investing in to ensure the right fit.

I encourage you to review my own work before signing up for any photography class.

Gene Tewksbury
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