Portrait Retouching in Photoshop

Photoshop Portrait Retouching Tips

Photoshop of course is an amazing way to do touch up work on portrait photography.  However, all too often the touch up artist takes things too far, either by choice or more often becuase they simply don’t know the techniques for doing natural touch up work in Photoshop.  The following article gives you some basic touch up techniques for skin, eyes, lips and teeth that result in very realistic natural looking images.  As with anything in Photoshop, there are a hundred variations on these techniques, but to get the basic concept down, just grab a portrait of yourself and follow along with the advice below.

Please note that these tutorial techniques shown below are far from a complete list of options for tackling these issues.  Be sure to continue to research and develop an arsenal of techniques in your repertoire since different techniques work best in varying circumstance.

Note: the tips below assume a working knowledge of Photoshop on your part.  If your not already familiar with the major tools you might get a bit lost.   Don’t let that stop you however.  I find that the best way to learn is dive in head first above your skill set.  That’s how I learned everything I know.